Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Monday everyone!

And Happy belated Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers out there!! Especially mine--Lilly. So I'm a day late, as you can see. Well, why do you suppose that is? I'll give you one guess--she has four legs, is cute as teddy bear, but has teeth like a shark. Yes siree, Ebony has committed her first major doggy misdemeanor. She bit into the laptop cord--on the day right before Mom's big exam, might I add. Yup, Mom wasn't too happy, especially when she found out that our laptop is the only Dell laptop that isn't compatible with the universal power adapters that most electronic stores carry. Boy did I feel like such a good dog, but I'm not sure it topped my paw painting scandal. I mean come on, look at this face...

Yup, that's Ebony asking Mom to forgive her while she continued to study from her book. All it takes is just one look at her little puppy face and Mom's over it. For some reason, Dad doesn't have it as easy as us. I'm not sure why. I've seen him give her the googly eyes, but it takes a little longer to work when he does it. I guess I have to show him some of my tricks. See here, Lesson #1: Put your otherwise-pointy ears back when you see Mom. She thinks it's super adorable! See my demonstration below:

I usually get a good scratch behind my ears when I do this. Ah, what can I say, I'm a master of charm. It works every time. I must get it from my mommy and daddy, Lilly and Piper. Dad's gotta pick up on these things. Ebony's pretty good at charming Mom, too. All she does is plop on her lap with her googly face, as she demonstrated in the picture above.
Anyhow, just 2 more weeks till our big trip to Texas to meet our human grandparents. Mom's worried they're going to spoil us. She says grandma used to give Oreo everything she wanted, and then poor Oreo would get an upset tummy from everything she'd given her. See, Oreo had that charm, too. ;O) Well, hopefully grandma will listen to Mom, cause as you can see, we are pretty darn convincing. Ebony and I are excited because Dad says he's going to find us a special place to get a nice grooming done before we go down there. We are going to dress to impress! We can't wait!!
Have a wonderful week everybody!!
Obie & Ebony


  1. Who could refuse these eyes??

  2. What charmers you guys are. We wish you lived closer, but we might get up your way this summer so we maybe we can come by and visit.

    If we were closer, our Mom (your birth grandMom) could groom you too. She would love that!!

    Belated Happy Mother's Day to your Mom. We know she'll ace the test. She's very smart - after all she found you!!

    Mom, Dad, Aunt Carrleigh and Uncle Java

  3. Oh dear, but with those eyes I am sure you would have been forgiven very quickly.

    Hugs GJ x

  4. OOPS! Bummer about the laptop cord! We're sure your mom forgave you instantly, Ebony! Who could possibly stay mad with you? You're too cute!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch


Lucky I'm naturally handsome...

Lucky I'm naturally handsome...
Mommy says I'm lucky I'm so good looking because I make even Daddy's not-so-professional grooming look cute.


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