Sunday, May 17, 2009

Getting Ready for Our Texas Trip!!

Hello everyone!

Well, as promised, Mom and Dad took me to get my first "professional" grooming! Unfortunately, Ebony is due to get her rabies vaccination tomorrow, so she'll be getting her grooming on Tuesday. Everyone said I was such a good boy! This is a picture of Ebony as she was shopping with Mom and Dad for some last minute doggie necessities for our big Summer Texas trip.

Then, FINALLY, 3 hours later, Ebony was waiting for me in the doggie waiting area...

This is a picture of me pretending not to check out my new handsome face, even though I really was trying to check myself out...

When we got back in Dad's truck I was surprised to see our very own doggie seats that Mom and Dad set up for our trip. Ebony and I have our own individual cozy doggie beds with our very own safety seatbelts. Now the whole family will be safe and buckled up for our big trip. Can you tell I was giving Mom a good profile picture of me here...?

This is pretty little Ebony all buckled up in her very own doggie safety seat.

Mom also bought us our very own mini-doggie back packs for our trip to the beach when we're in Texas. Ebony and I also have matching fancy dogfood bowls to take with us, now. We're all so excited!! Mom's cousins will hopefully be coming back with us so we'll have some family to entertain. Here is another picture of me posing again for a really handsome picture, just for you guys!

I have to say we make quite the handsome pair...

I'll have to post some pictures of Ebony's grooming before we leave next week, so you can all see her, too. Until then, have an awesome week! This will probably be the longest week ever for us, since we're counting down the days now!
Obie & Ebony


  1. What fantastic seats. You look so handsome after your trip to the groomers.

  2. You guys look great. Obie, did you see your sister, Maddie, on our blog? She's a cutie just like you. We'd love to see McDhubh! Mom will be emailing the flea market info to you - it's really close to our house.

    Have a great week - we hope you have a wonderful safe trip - those seats look great.

    Mom, Dad, Aunt Carrleigh and Uncle Java

  3. We're sssssssoooooo, ssssssoooooo excited that you are coming to visit!!!!

    Mom, Dad, Aunt Carrleigh and Uncle Java

  4. I have to agree, you are a very handsome pair. I love those doggy seat snuggle bags, they are brilliant. You look about ready for the trip now.

    Hugs Gj xx

  5. What an exciting trip you're going to have! Your doggie seats look pretty cozy and comfy to us!
    You're both such adorable pups!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch


Lucky I'm naturally handsome...

Lucky I'm naturally handsome...
Mommy says I'm lucky I'm so good looking because I make even Daddy's not-so-professional grooming look cute.


This is me, Obie.