Monday, July 27, 2009

Hello again everyone!
Well, Mom and Dad finally did it. They finally got Ebony and I to take some extra nice pictures. These are our professional photos. Mom thinks we could be pet magazine models. ;o)

So what do ya'll think? Mom went absolutely crazy when she saw them. She really liked them.
On another note, Mom and Dad bought us a brand new crate. This one is a fancy 3 door crate with a divider in the middle so Ebony and I have our very own beds. Since Ebony and I are growning so quickly Mom and Dad want to take extra precaution to make sure no funny business goes on while they leave us in our crates, whatever that means.
Ebony and I also got some brand new toys. Mom bought us these Kong toys that have treats in the middle. Well, Ebony's lasted longer than mine, which only lasted about 3 hours before I tore the whole thing into pieces. If anyone out there knows of a really good doggie toy that doesn't tear up so easily (that is if it's Scottie proof) let me know so that I can tell Mom to get them for us.
Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!
Obie and Ebony

Friday, July 10, 2009

Well, hello everyone!!!
Long time no see, huh? Well, if Mom and Dad would just take a weekend off, then I might be able to get online more often, but seeing as how they've been having a very busy summer, we've all been pretty occupied. Ebony and I had our very first stay at the Downtown Dog Resort & Spa in Baltimore, MD about two weeks ago when Mom and Dad went to Puerto Rico for a wedding. Mom was pleased to hear that we had a nice time and made so many friends. She was pretty nervous about leaving us at first. She said it felt like she was dropping her kids off at pre-school on the first day, whatever that means. It must be something stressful because she put the poor receptionist through a whole lot when she went over the written feeding instructions she made and the labels on each can of food, the dry food bags, and our bags of treats. Oh, and not to mention her instructions for our toys and bed. Mom said she would get emails every day to let her know how we were doing, and they even sent her pictures of Ebony and I to show her how much fun we were having. Yeah, I must say we were pretty popular, but we can't help it if we make a really cute couple.
This is me smiling at Mom this afternoon. I was chilling on the balcony admiring the beautiful day. Sometimes I just stand in front of the balcony door till Mom comes and opens it for me. Oh, and Mom even got some really good tounge pictures of us. See:

Here is Mom's favorite shot of me, because she thinks it looks like I'm giving her a handsome smile.
Then a really rude fly interrupted my photo shoot. I couldn't help the urge to catch it.

Doesn't Ebony look beautiful here? She's really grown so much!

Here are some pictures of Mom and Dad:
Here they are sitting in the Oval Office at Maddam Tussaud's Wax Museum. I think they would make a great First couple, then that would make us the First dogs!!!

This is Mom and Dad in Puerto Rico!!!

This is a picture Dad took while they were out on a boat and he saw a pair of westies sun bathing with their family. This made Mom miss us even more. Mom wants to get us life jackets so that we can do things like this. She said she saw several dogs just enjoying the water.

And here they are as they were about to leave their hotel to attend the wedding. Don't they look nice?

Well amigos, I promise I'll try to get Mom to sit down more this summer so we don't spend so much time away. I hope everyone is doing good and had a great 4th of July. Hasta luego!!
Obie & Ebony

Lucky I'm naturally handsome...

Lucky I'm naturally handsome...
Mommy says I'm lucky I'm so good looking because I make even Daddy's not-so-professional grooming look cute.


This is me, Obie.