Monday, September 7, 2009

Our labor day weekend.

Ebony after her grooming. You can finally see her face!

Our picture before we went to the grooming salon.

I look naturally handsome even then, don't I?

Happy Labor Day everyone!

Obie here again, just wanting to share pictures from our really awesome weekend! So Mom and Dad had a date on Saturday night to themselves, and Ebony and I were jealous, so we we made them promise that we would spend a family day together the following day. Well Mom sure did make it up to us. Mom called the grooming salon and asked if they had any open slots for two adorable Scotties. Surprisingly enough, they actually had some cancellations and we were able to go right in. The picture above is the before picture Dad took of us as we were getting ready to jump in the car to go to the grooming salon. We can finally see Ebony's face! Mom nicknamed her The Little Lion. Mom and Dad were loving the way she looked even with her hair lioness hair, but finally, they decided it was time. When Mom and Dad came to pick us up, the groomer gave them our grooming report card. We both got a gold star!

Then Mom and Dad took us into DC for a family stroll on the National Mall. Mom let us run around for a bit. We were right in front of the U.S. Capitol. How cool is that!

Mom and Dad tried getting a good picture of us in front of the Capitol, and we successfully made as difficult as possible for them. :O)

I also met some new friends. Here I am chasing
the birds I met at the pond. We also met some
ducks, but they didn't seem to be to interesed in playing.

We also took several breaks in the shade. I had to cool my belly off, you know.

Here we are admiring the U.S. Capitol on our

Then again, we managed to make it difficult forMom and Dad to get a good picture of us.

Finally, we walked back to the National Mall and I spotted a squirrel! Those are my favorite
friends to play with. They are so fast!

Here we are with Dad resting on the lawn.

Mom and Dad took us to visit the White House, too!

Ebony was busy looking for Bo, but he was no
where in sight. I was kind of jealous, but at the
same time wanted to meet the First Dog, too.

No Bo in sight, still.

We took a stroll in the park across the street.

No Bo in sight. Oh well. We tried.

I continued to chase those ducks and birds.

We fell fast asleep on our trip back home. We were exhausted! What a fun day and perfect weather!
We hope you have a fun Labor Day weekend, too!
Obie and Ebony

Sunday, August 30, 2009

We had another awesome week. Mom and Dad took me to see the vet so I could get somthing wet put in my nose again, and they told me I was 18 lbs! Wow! Mom said I'm a big boy now!Ebony didn't get to see the vet, but her time will be coming up pretty soon, too. We made new friends at the vet waiting area. Ebony and I got to play with some really big dogs. Mom says somtimes we're a little too friendly and some dogs don't like to be approached so quickly and that's why sometimes they try to protect themselves. I need to practice being a little more patient with making new friends.

Mom says I'm starting to watch just as much tv as dad. I'm always barking at the moving objects on it and they never respond. I think I got Ebony watching tv with me, too.

Well, Ebony wants to play so I'm going to have to let you guys go for now. I've gotta get mom to take us a pic in our new coats and boots so you guys can see next time. Have a great week!
Obie & Ebony

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Catching up...

Good morning all! I have been away for a while, as mom has been working away all summer long. I have a lot of catching up to do. Well, mom got to go to FL for two weeks because she had to travel with work. She missed us terribly and we did, too. We had some nice time to bond with dad, though. We got to talk to mom over the speaker phone, but I was totally confused. I could hear her voice, but I couldn't see here. :O( Well, thank goodness that's over and mom is back home with us now.

Mom and dad bought us these really cool new toys made from nylabone. We now have toys that have lasted a whole week and we still haven't distructed them. Thanks to everyone for the advice. Those kongs mom had bought didn't stand a chance. I didn't realize they made toys out of nylabone other than bones, but they actually have a variety of them, and they come in different levels for the normal chewing pups to the really heavy chewers like us.

Meanwhile, mom is covinced that Ebony and I need our own crates. When she arrived from work on Wednesday she saw that Ebony had made a mess in her side of the crate. Well, it appears that Ebony must have sat on her food bowl and it broke off of her crate attachement. She's been trying to convince dad to bring out our other crate so that we each have our own. Right now we're using our 3 door extra large carte with a divider in between, so we each have our own little room. We fit perfectly, but its a little hard to lay down without my tail coming out or my nose sticking out. What do you guys think?

Well anyhow, mom and dad also bought us some new matching reversable rain/winter coats (pink and blue) with matching booties. Dad put the booties on us yesterday and I made them laugh so hard because I kept jumping around like a bronco. I couldn't help it, it felt so weird not to feel my paws touching the ground! Then we got to model our coats but since mom wants us to fit into them once we've completely gown, she bought them a little too big. Today we're going to make a trip to Petsmart to try on another size. Unfortunately, mom left her camera at work, so she couldn't take a picture of how cute we look, so we'll have to do that next weekend.

Mom and dad also bought this new sofabed at Costco for Ebony and I to share. This is me in my famous submissive pose with my ears back.

Here I am in another, what can I say, it was comfy!

Here is Ebony also enjoying our new fancy bed.
So dad thought he was being funny when he took this next picture of me. Can you see the angry look in my eyes? I'm not sure what the point of this picture was, but I was not happy about it.

Here's a nice on of me taking a nap. Oh, yeah and can you tell that I'm using a different collar? I'm actually now wearing my third collar, because I also tore this one up. Don't I look so peaceful? How can a face like this do anything naughty?

Here is Ebony looking as cute as ever. Mom and dad are also thinking about grooming us again, because Ebony's hair seems to be growing a little differently from mine, and with the heat it makes us thirsty really fast when we're outside. Although, mom and dad were thinking about taking us to the Petsmart right by our house, that is until they went yesterday and saw a poor little Westie being groomed so badly. They had shaved all the hair off his body and left his head bushy like lion. Mom said that she would cry if she came and saw we had gotten such a bad hair cut, just like she used to when she was little. Mom said the owner was very upset. Ebony looks so cute, though. Sometimes she looks like a little lion.

Here we are together, just relaxing.

Well, anyway, I hope everyone has a good week! Thanks for stopping by!
Obie & Ebony

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hello again everyone!
Well, Mom and Dad finally did it. They finally got Ebony and I to take some extra nice pictures. These are our professional photos. Mom thinks we could be pet magazine models. ;o)

So what do ya'll think? Mom went absolutely crazy when she saw them. She really liked them.
On another note, Mom and Dad bought us a brand new crate. This one is a fancy 3 door crate with a divider in the middle so Ebony and I have our very own beds. Since Ebony and I are growning so quickly Mom and Dad want to take extra precaution to make sure no funny business goes on while they leave us in our crates, whatever that means.
Ebony and I also got some brand new toys. Mom bought us these Kong toys that have treats in the middle. Well, Ebony's lasted longer than mine, which only lasted about 3 hours before I tore the whole thing into pieces. If anyone out there knows of a really good doggie toy that doesn't tear up so easily (that is if it's Scottie proof) let me know so that I can tell Mom to get them for us.
Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!
Obie and Ebony

Friday, July 10, 2009

Well, hello everyone!!!
Long time no see, huh? Well, if Mom and Dad would just take a weekend off, then I might be able to get online more often, but seeing as how they've been having a very busy summer, we've all been pretty occupied. Ebony and I had our very first stay at the Downtown Dog Resort & Spa in Baltimore, MD about two weeks ago when Mom and Dad went to Puerto Rico for a wedding. Mom was pleased to hear that we had a nice time and made so many friends. She was pretty nervous about leaving us at first. She said it felt like she was dropping her kids off at pre-school on the first day, whatever that means. It must be something stressful because she put the poor receptionist through a whole lot when she went over the written feeding instructions she made and the labels on each can of food, the dry food bags, and our bags of treats. Oh, and not to mention her instructions for our toys and bed. Mom said she would get emails every day to let her know how we were doing, and they even sent her pictures of Ebony and I to show her how much fun we were having. Yeah, I must say we were pretty popular, but we can't help it if we make a really cute couple.
This is me smiling at Mom this afternoon. I was chilling on the balcony admiring the beautiful day. Sometimes I just stand in front of the balcony door till Mom comes and opens it for me. Oh, and Mom even got some really good tounge pictures of us. See:

Here is Mom's favorite shot of me, because she thinks it looks like I'm giving her a handsome smile.
Then a really rude fly interrupted my photo shoot. I couldn't help the urge to catch it.

Doesn't Ebony look beautiful here? She's really grown so much!

Here are some pictures of Mom and Dad:
Here they are sitting in the Oval Office at Maddam Tussaud's Wax Museum. I think they would make a great First couple, then that would make us the First dogs!!!

This is Mom and Dad in Puerto Rico!!!

This is a picture Dad took while they were out on a boat and he saw a pair of westies sun bathing with their family. This made Mom miss us even more. Mom wants to get us life jackets so that we can do things like this. She said she saw several dogs just enjoying the water.

And here they are as they were about to leave their hotel to attend the wedding. Don't they look nice?

Well amigos, I promise I'll try to get Mom to sit down more this summer so we don't spend so much time away. I hope everyone is doing good and had a great 4th of July. Hasta luego!!
Obie & Ebony

Friday, June 12, 2009

Back from our Trip

Well, hello there everyone!!

It's been a while since we last updated you on our weekly lifestyle, but that's only because we've been vacationing, and now Mom brought cousin Crystal over from Texas so we can show her around, so we've all been pretty busy enteraining her. She's not much of a dog person, so we're still working our charm on her. I think we made a breakthrough this week when she started playing with Ebony. Anyhow, I wanted to share some pictures from our very first trip. The picture above is the picture of me all ready and groomed for our big trip to Texas. Mom says this is one of her favorite pictures of me.

This is a picture of Ebony as we were about to embark on our journey to Texas. As you can see, she doesn't look too excited. Mom and Dad laughed because Ebony plopped right onto her seat and fell asleep in no time. I think I was more excited than she was.

Every once and a while I had to check on Ebony because she was always sleeping. I wanted someone to be excited with me, but she didn't seem to like being confined in the back seat so long, so Mom and I were excited together. Ebony and I still did really good on the drive, though. Neither one of us got sick. Whoohoo! I think we're finally getting used to Dad's driving. Shhh...don't tell him I said that.

Then every once and I while Mom would take me off the seat belt so Ebony and I could take a nap together. She knows how much I love to cuddle with her. :O)

Here is a picture of me guarding Dad's truck again while Mom and Dad stop to fill up at a gas station. I'm an expert at this. ;o)

Oh, and the exciting part of our trip--the day I reunited with my Mommy Lilly. Here is my favorite picture of her and Ebony together. These are the loves of my life. This was the day that we had finally had my Mommy's blessing, since we had to make sure I got her approval first, you know. ;O)

Now, here is Ebony wearing the bathing suit that mom bought her. Can you tell how small it was? Mom was surprised how much both of us had grown so fast. She thought we were both still really small. Well, not anymore!

Here is the one that finally fit her. Very pretty, huh? I thinks so. This is Ebony at our grandma's house. We really liked her house. We learned how to slide on the tile really fast. Oh, did I mention we broke one of grandma's favorite vases doing it? Well, she was very nice to us, and didn't get mad. I like her. Ebony really liked our Auntie Lorie. She didn't like to take pictures so we didn't get to take one with her, but for some reason Ebony really loved to play with her.

Here I am with my beach shirt at grandma's house. Don't I look handsome?

And then came the backpacks. At this point, we're really tired of modeling. Can you tell?

This is Mom and Dad's favorite picture of us. We look like we're on our honeymoon. :O)
Along the way we made some new friends. Here are some of our new friends:

This is Penny. Ebony was too playful so she kept running away from us, but we liked her very much.

This is Muneca (Spanish for doll). She lives at our other grandma's house. Muneca's tounge is so long that it doesn't fit in her mouth. She looks so cute.

Here we are just chilling and relaxing--or chillaxing. Ahhh, what a wonderful life it was....:O)

Then we finally got to go to South Padre Island. Here we are wearing our beach attire and ready to swim. Mom was worried about how much fun we were having. If we didn't have our leashes on, we'd probably take off running into the water. Ebony and I both loved the beach!

This is me getting even more sand in my hair. I loved it!

Then both Ebony and I decided to help Marissa and Mariah, our cousins, build their sandcastle. Although, for some reason they never got very far. We kept, digging though. That's what we do best!

Well, as you can see, we had a blast on our trip. Mom is taking Crystal to Alrington Cemetary today, so we have to get going. Hasta luego!!
Have a great week everyone!!
Obie & Ebony

Lucky I'm naturally handsome...

Lucky I'm naturally handsome...
Mommy says I'm lucky I'm so good looking because I make even Daddy's not-so-professional grooming look cute.


This is me, Obie.