Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Match Made in Heaven...
Happy Sunday, everyone! Well, as you can see, I'm a very happy boy this week! Although, I did find out I'm allergic to Beggin Strips and had to be rushed to the vet earlier this week, the latter part of the week was wonderful! This was me as we packed up for the weekend and headed to Maumee, Ohio to find my lovely lady, Ebony. Mom and Dad let me pick her all by myself. It was a tough decision, with several beauties to choose from, but from the moment we met, we played and played and at the end of the evening, she was still just as full of energy as I was. There was no doubt I had met my match!

This was me as I was scoping out the ladies. Ebony's breeders were absolutely wonderful and a pleasure to chat with. We hope to keep up with them, too, as Ebony and I grow up together.

This is a picture of Ebony and I as we played all evening long.

Then, we finally had a chance to rest. Ebony and I were very tired and slept very peacefully.

When morning came, we packed up and headed back home to Virgina. Ebony and I bonded through the 8 hour drive home. Dad took this picture of us with his phone. We are now at home resting and I'm excited to start our new life together. Mom will be busy taking lots of pictures of us this week. I can't wait for next weekends blog!

Have a great week!


Obie & Ebony


  1. Dear Obie and Ebony,

    We're so glad you got home safe and sound. Ebony, we know Obie is happy to have you and to be showing you around your new home. And you have a wonderful new Mom and Dad. We are wondering how old your are - you and Obie look so close to the same size.

    We hope to get to meet you when we have our Rocky Creek Scottie picnic - our huMom will let your Mom know when it will be - we're thinking Summer 2010 will be our first one.

    Mom, Dad, Aunt Carrleigh and Uncle Java

  2. Bummer about the Beggin Strips, Obie!
    What a cutie Ebony is! You guys will be having lots and lots of fun! We can't wait to see more pictures of the two of you together!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. saw you over on a friends post and came across to say hello. Wow you are a cutie for sure. I love the way you two have bonded so well. I will add you and keep checking if that is ok. Hope you dont mind a pusscat visiting.

    Hugs Ginger Jasper x


Lucky I'm naturally handsome...

Lucky I'm naturally handsome...
Mommy says I'm lucky I'm so good looking because I make even Daddy's not-so-professional grooming look cute.


This is me, Obie.