Saturday, April 4, 2009


Good morning everyone.

This week has been one heck of a rollercoaster, emotionally for all of us. Mommy is taking Oreo's loss really hard. Most of the time she looks like she's okay, but a lot of times I catch her crying and restless when she thinks I'm not looking. She doesn't like to walk or sleep in the master bedroom, without me or Daddy. Just when she begins to look better, she goes into that room and remembers that Friday morning like if it were yesterday. I know she's trying to be strong for me and Daddy, but I can tell she's still hurting tremendously. Mommy took it really hard when she had to put Oreo's things away. Daddy had to help her, because it hurt her too much to do it. Mommy and Daddy miss having all of the hairs that would shed off of Oreo on their dark clothing. Even the pretty spring mornings remind them of Oreo because she used to stand by the balcony door so Mommy could open it and she could relax in the warm sun. Daddy has been a real blessing to Mommy, though. He's been so compassionate and considerate. Me and Daddy have really helped put a smile on her face. Mommy says having me helps give her a reason to be strong.

It hasn't been easy for me either. Sometimes I think I still smell Oreo around and I get excited. I saw Mommy caring Oreo's collar the other day and when I heard the jingling of her tags I looked up and got so excited to see her purple gem stone collar, but it was all alone, next to a wooden urn that has Oreo's picture and engraving on it. I'm completely confused. I also haven't had a reason to go under the bed. I used to chase Oreo under the bed and drag her out so we could play. I really miss eating my food next to her.

Mommy and Daddy took some days off to mourn Oreo's loss, so I was okay for the first part of the week. Then Mommy and Daddy had to go to work and I spent my very first day alone. Mommy hates to leave me alone, especially because she knows how playful I am and that I've always been around other friends. Mommy and Daddy are looking into getting me a new friend to play with. I really hope they find me a friend soon. Oreo was a rescue dog she took into her home, and she said after thinking and praying, she realized she would do it all over again, just to know that she had given her a better life than she would've had. That's why Mommy is looking into the Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Washington, D.C.. I heard Mommy talking to Daddy about a female Scottie named Berrie, who was up for adoption. She said that if she isn't able to adopt Berrie then she will start looking for a breeder soon.

On a lighter note, I put a smile on Mommy's face this week when Daddy gave me a really bad hair cut. She says I'm lucky I'm so cute, because Daddy thinks he's a professional at everything, even when he messes up my hair. I think she convinced him to take me to a professional groomer after my hair grows out so that he can observe and maybe get some tips. He's read a lot about grooming me, but Mommy says he really should consider observing someone do it.

Oh yeah, and I've also mastered jumping on the bed and sofa all by myself. Mommy and Daddy are very proud of me. Lately, Mommy and Daddy laugh at me when I sit and watch tv so curiously when I hear unusual noises. They also got me this really cool toy that I love to play with.

Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm going to sit with Mommy now and help her make the best of this beautiful Spring day.

Love you guys,

Obie Trevino


  1. Hey Obie,

    We're glad to see you are back blogging - it's hard for life to get back to normal when you suffer a big loss.

    We saw that you've done the Scottie Stand and that you weigh 11 pounds. We don't think you will ever weigh as much as Carrleigh - she weighs 26 1/2 pounds.

    We're thrilled to see that your Mom is looking for a rescue Scottie. If she can't find one, please let our Mom know - she might be able to recommend a good breeder where you can get a good brother or sister.

    Love and Kisses,
    Your Birth Pack
    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  2. Make sure you give your mom lots of extra hugs and licks, Obie! She needs them!
    We met a black Scottie puppy on our walkie this morning! The owners have only had her for 2 weeks! She was just adorable and not scared of us at all!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Obie,

    Tell your Mom not to give your Dad too hard of a time. It's only hair and it will grow back. About the second time my Mom groomed me (she was totally inexperienced) I zigged when she zagged and she cut off one of my eyebrows!! Then she had to cut of the other one to get them even. Dad thought they would never grow back out. Mom always says she can ruin my look and it's a lot less expensive than paying a professional groomer to ruin it. Your Dad will learn - it just takes practice.

    Love you loads,

    PS(I love TV too - you need to look at some of our first blogs - there is a picture there of me sitting on your Uncle Java's back watching TV)


Lucky I'm naturally handsome...

Lucky I'm naturally handsome...
Mommy says I'm lucky I'm so good looking because I make even Daddy's not-so-professional grooming look cute.


This is me, Obie.